Chicken Bhuna|How to make

It rained last night, and the weather has turned unusually cold for this time of the year. In warmer weather we tend to notices the sudden drop in temperature instantly .With the cold bitter winter behind us, the creamy rich recipes are put away for a while. Feeling a bit hungry by the time we returned home, wanted to fix something quick and delicious for dinner, so decided on this Chicken Bhuna recipe.

Chicken Bhuna is a classic and delicious chicken recipe from the Indian subcontinent. Bhuna’ in Hindi means ‘to roast’, hence this recipe taste good when cooked with meats like chicken & lamb/goat. Bhunas are characterized by a thick, deliciously intense coating sauce with a well-spiced but moderate heat. Spices does not necessarily mean heat. The red Chili powder is the only ingredient that gives heat.The numerous tomatoes added to the recipe gives it the thick saucy texture. Bhuna is a thick gravy with the masala coated all over the chicken pieces and hence goes well with Basmati Rice or Indian Flat breads like Parathas, Naan or Rotis.

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