Chasing the Winter Blues Away !

Winter is finally here to stay! It’s been fluctuating betweens teens and single digits with the Weather Goddess this Winter, for the past one week, though we cannot complain of too much snow, we have been subjected to freezing conditions and beyond this week.


Driving home from work, it was almost sunset, it becomes dark early these days, dark when you go to work, dark when you return, so much for short days and long nights.The lake was frozen mostly with peeks of water rippling here & there,the pink hue of the setting sunlight reflected like a postcard from above on the still frozen waters of the lake.


Sitting majestically,on the frozen lake were a flock of  geese  in deep meditation , cooling their heels unperturbed by the maddening traffic around them ,in deep peace and stillness.At times new flocks joined them for a group meditation.The masters though seemed to be in a deep trance, neither moving, nor cackling, following their own rhythm of breathing.I watched them from a distance, amazed with their peace, yet getting any closer would  risk me slipping into the frozen lake unnoticed by any soul around.


One can’t help but admire their poise and grace in this cold winter. So much to learn from the birds and the …..

Yet, as I neared home, I saw some homes still hanging on to  their holiday colors for dear life, each of us have our  own artillery in facing this Winter, if that ,is their choice to hang on to the bright colors, So be it, it sure pleased my soul to see some bright red in that white snow.


Personally for me the lack of greenery anywhere around seemed to hit me hard, “cabin fever” is a term  I use to put it mildly, I needed to see green somewhere and not let the Winter blues catch up, me thought, as I drove along.Tired as I was, headed straight to the garden store after picking up my kid from school, together we explored the indoor garden center, quite a few people were in there too or so it seemed for ‘Plant Therapy’ .So, I wasn’t alone in seeking out green !

Suddenly felt at home with the succulents and the few Indoor varieties they had, not bad, I thought, while back home, my people are celebrating the transit of the Sun God in a festival called Pongal, here I was hunting for some wisp of sunlight during the day…..the greenery made up for all that.Armed with happy plants I returned home with a plan in mind for the weekend, the first thing I’m going to do , this weekend,is  to add in the green, where the holiday colors were present just a few weeks ago.’Project Green’ took shape in my mind , instantly !

Its amazing how a little of greenery can help your soul , it is, in fact soul food, living breathing plants, letting us know in their ancient wisdom  to ” Just Be !” and while we are at it to continue breathing one breath at a time & very soon the cheer would return. Even as I set about getting my mini indoor make shift garden ready, there  was an excitement in the air, the anticipation of how it will turn out, amidst getting breakfast ready & the umpteen chores you have listed to get done over the weekend, the garden project took off & turned out successful.If Spring doesn’t come until later,gatecrash with a few succulents and flowering indoors bulbs for a change.Feel yourself elevated even without meditation!


For all of those like me, who are not Winter people and love sunlight & greenery, try adding some color indoors with fresh plants for the next two months,


…….very soon Spring will be here and the earth will burst out in colors to fill our souls.


Until then, hang on to that green vine, and move on.Among the many things Nature enriches our lives with ,her gift is of Patience, this too shall pass, coz’ like in Nature nothing is hurried, yet everything happens at the right time… hang in there !

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