A pulse is a dry legume that grows in a pod of one to 12 seeds. It includes beans, lentils, peas

Indian pulses are usually available in three types: the whole pulse, the split pulse with the skins on, and the split pulse with the skins removed.

Dhal is often translated as “lentils” but actually refers to a split version of a number of lentils, peas, chickpeas (chana), kidney beans and so on.

A stew or soup made with any kind of pulses, whole or split, is known as dal.

Pulses are often ground into flour, such as besan (garbanzo bean flour). This flour is used to make a huge variety of foods such as vegetable pakora, sev etc.

Pulses are also soaked and then ground into a paste (often with soaked rice) to make dishes like idli and dosa.

Adding pulses to your diet is a great way to eat healthier. They are so full of protein, fiber, iron and so many other nutrients.


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