Carrot Chutney

The baby carrots that I had bought a week ago, stared at me from the refrigerator, they were among the list of ‘Spring Food’ to eat raw, in my list of healthy foods for the season.It has been raining on & off this season, so the temps remained pretty low, more towards the cooler side, the kind where your ache for spicy food kicks up a notch.Thinking up creative ways of using those baby carrots before they loose that fresh feel about them, I came up with an idea to use them in making ‘Carrot Chutney‘, which can also be used as a dip or chutney if need be. It’s a quick and easy recipe and what’s more it satisfies the spice urge in you.


IMG_0494 (1)

Tastes yummy, a quick & easy recipe, what’s more  healthy too!


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  1. Chethana Gopal

    Maya such a wonderful, healthy recipe….I tried it out today and it was so yummy..

  2. Wow, they looks really tasty and yummy! 🙂