Be YOU! Don’t ever water down your version to fit someone else’s image of you.Imagine YOU not living YOUR own life, but instead living someone else’s version of you? Do you realize how much you would be missing out on?

Your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you ~ Trent Shelton

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Watching the excitement of the V-day among the younger ones, makes you feel happy for the joy they radiate. You were them once, a few decades ago, having known the excitement of the first crush, the first love, the joy, the anticipation, the happiness wrapped in that magical word called LOVE.

Over the years of aging gracefully & observing life ,one thing is certain, “Your flaws, are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you”. So don’t ever change! Don’t dim your LIGHT so others can shine brighter.

The heart that is meant for you, will find you perfect with all its imperfections. Just be YOU! Don’t ever let anyone change the person you are.

Like Trent Shelton, the football player writes so beautifully here “If someone requires you to change who you are, in order to be with or around them, they’re not for you.  If you can’t be yourself around someone, they’re not for you.  Someone that has their life together won’t sit around and tell you who you need to be.  They’ll tell you to find who you are and continue to improve on that person.”

Love yourself first. You are perfect ! If you find a gentle heart to land your feelings safely, grow & nurture the love you share. The rest, like they say, is just noise in an external world filled with control freaks!

May love find you just as you are!

Happy Valentine’s Day !

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