Be Happy

Be Happy

Commit to choosing happiness and creating a better life.

“Commit to choosing Happiness”

~ Unknown

“Be happy, for no reason” said a dear friend. “Commit to being happy, this year!”

Sometimes life is not fair. Circumstances out of our control bring us down. Divorce, Discrimination, False accusations,Abandonment from our loved ones just to name a few. How then do we chose happiness in a world that can be cruel ?

“Your perspective is everything” my friend continued. “Your life when you are born is like a white sheet of paper, a blank slate. As we grow people start coloring their views, ideals and values on our once white sheet of paper. Our piece of paper is full of other people’s drawing/opinions. Eventually we are lost stumbling through life trying to find our once plain sheet of paper”.

“Erasing some of those views/opinions that no longer serve us, is the only way to happiness. Only then can we can our vision become clearer once again. Allowing others opinions to color our sheet of paper is only hindering your happiness because they aren’t the truth. “

No one has walked your path, endured our pain, so what they paint is only from their opinion which is far from your truth. Stay away from them and their opinions, for your own peace of mind.

Commit to happiness, each day of your life, not only b’coz you deserve it more than anyone else, but also b’coz “WHY THE HECK NOT??” Embrace happiness!

Go on build the life you want & don’t forget to be grateful & appreciative of the now “happy you”.Be graceful enough to let “them” continue with their stories/opinions, you have nothing to prove to them.In the end it is always between the Almighty & YOU !

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