An amazing collection of mussel/clam recipes for winter

An Amazing Collection of Mussel/Clam Recipes

Mussels/Clams are perfect for a winter appetite! Here is an amazing collection of mussels/clam recipes for winter.We know how the old story goes about eating shell fish in the months ending with R, which practically would be the winter months here, starting from November to March. Here is a collection of mussel recipes for you and a helpful list that talks about how to buy, store and cook your mussels/clam this winter.

Why do we eat mussels in winter ?

Mussels can be harvested all year, but most fishing is in the winter when the taste and quality of the meat is best (before the mussels begin spawning in spring and summer).

How are mussels harvested?

Wild mussels are harvested by hand with a rake or from a boat with a drag (sometimes called a dredge). Mussels are also raised via aquaculture, either by “seeding” young mussels on ropes suspended from rafts, or on the ocean bottom.

What are the health benefits of eating mussels ?

Mussels are low in fat and calories and an excellent source of vitamin B12, magnesium, and selenium, and a good source of zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids. Mussels provide lean protein. The ancient Greeks believed the mussels are great aphrodisiacs, and included them in every meal containing seafood.

How do you know which ones are good to buy?

How to buy, store and cook mussels?

How to buy, store & cook mussels ?

Find out all about buying the right kind of mussels, how to store them and then cook them, in this blogpost!

What are the different ways to cook Mussels/seafood ?

Seafood, a sure thing this winter!

In this Beginner’s Guide to seafood, you will learn all about what is seafood, the different types of seafood out there, the essential tips and tricks on how to choose, cook and store them, their health benefits and more. It is a great time to learn to how to cook seafood, if healthy eating is at the top of your New Year Resolutions this year.

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Indian Spices

A complete Beginners guide to Indian spices

Before you begin cooking seafood, with an Indian touch, would you like to know more about the essential Indian spices that you need to have in your pantry before you attempt any Indian cooking ? Do you wonder what they look like? How do these Indian spices flavor a particular dish ? What are their health benefits? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! In my 31 paged E-book A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Indian Spices, I introduce you to each of the 25 essential Indian spices, share awesome pictures ( so you never have to guess again on what they looks like!) and describe in detail, the health benefits of each and how each one them flavors a particular dish. You can get it here for yourself or a friend who needs help with Indian cooking! Here’s to more of “stirring the spices”in !

An amazing collection of Mussel/clam recipes to try this winter

Here is my collection of amzing mussel/clam recipes for you try out this winter.You will find both authentic Indian recipes using mussels/clam and fusion dishes in this list. Click on each image to be taken to the blogpost containing the recipe

Marwai/Clam Sukka

How to make Marwai/Clam Sukka (The Mangalorean way) ?

Marwai/Clam Sukka Marwai Sukka is deliciously flavored Mangalorean seafood recipe made with marwai/clams. The clams/marwai are coated with spices and sautéed in onions and generously sprinkled with fresh coconut grating that are abundantly available from the coconut palms of the land. This authentic dish, the Marwai sukka carries the scent, flavors & the salty taste of the sea.

Arikadukka/Stuffed Mussel Fry

Stuffed Mussel Fry

Arikadukka/Kallumakai Nirachathu is the name given to stuffed and fried mussels in the Northern Malabar region of South India.. These yummy mussel snacks are stuffed with a mix of rice powder, spices and shallots and then steamed with shell and later fried.

Spicy Mussel Fry

How to make Chinese style Spicy Mussel Fry?

Spicy Mussel fry (Chinese Style) : An aromatic and spicy seafood preparation made with mussels and the well known 5 spice powder of China, to bring home the salty flavors of the sea and to wake up the yin yang energy of the sleeping dragon in you. Try this recipe ,out today!

Marwai Ajadhina/Clam Meat Fry

How to make Clam Meat Fry/Marwai ajadhina?

Clam Meat Fry or Marwai Ajadhina , is an authentic seafood delicacy made with either clam or mussel meat, from the coastal town of Mangalore in South India. It is a quick and easy seafood preparation, absolutely delicious, spicy and flavorful. It can be had as an appetizer or a side dish with rice.

Kallumakai Varatiyathu/ Mussel Meat Fry

How to make Mussel Fry?

Mussel meat fry is a spicy preparation of mussel meat flavored with a tinge of ginger and garlic. A favorite appetizer or can also be had with rice. It is a special dish of the North Malabar region, in South India, where it called “Kallumakaya Varratiyathu”.

Marwai Sukka/ Mussel Meat Stir Fry

How to make Marwai Sukka /Mussel meat stir Fry

Mussel meat stir fry or Marwai Sukka is an authentic dish of the coastal city of Mangalore, in South India. A delicious spicy dish for meal times. A favorite among sea food lovers, goes exceptionally well with brown rice & yogurt.“Sukka” is a Tulu word spoken in the coastal city of Mangalore ,in South India. Sukka means a semi dry gravy. Another Tulu word to represent a semi-dry gravy is “Ajadhina”.

Now that you know how to buy, store and cook mussels/clams, will you be willing to try out some recipes in your kitchen this winter? Do share your feedback on how they turned out for you, and how much your family & friends enjoyed your cooking.It always feels good to be appreciated, right?

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