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Maya Shetty


Welcome to ‘Stirring My Spicy Soul‘ blog and community.

I am Maya, the voice behind this Food and Lifestyle blog.

We live in the midwest, and I am mom to my teen and our fur baby.

Blogging for me, started as a passion project to share my tried and tested recipes and preserve them for posterity. It soon evolved with a life of its own into more than a hobby blog, where I now have almost 250 recipes to boot.

Am a Pediatric Dentist by profession, who is currently in academics.Pursuing culinary skills in my free time was strangely therapeutic. Experimenting with new recipes, exploring new flavors through fusion dishes, digging out traditional heirloom recipes, all of this interested me.

Being someone who is passionate about words, I find my voice through writing. Blogging is my creative outlet.Each day, I am fascinated with the things I learn about in my blogging journey.

Blogging to me, was not just about the amazing recipes I created in my kitchen. It also meant learning about strategies involved in content creation, social sharing, SEO optimization, copywriting, online education, digital marketing and much more!

Being curious and a life long learner, I was hooked, with this new field of digital learning.

This curiosity and interest to learn more helped in fine tuning my creative, marketing and online teaching skills.This experience has helped me evolve into a Digital/Online Course Creator, where I now bring my content creating and digital marketing skills to the forefront through my online courses.

On the other hand, I am someone who believes that laughter is the best medicine out there, and that, one should do more of what brings happiness and peace to us each day of our lives.If that involves a creative streak, so be it, go explore the endless possibilities that are within you.

An ardent devotee of the Elephant God, Ganesh, who in Hinduism, is worshipped as the Lord of all beginnings and as the remover of obstacles.

Can never say “No” to dosa’s( Indian crepe’s/Pancakes) and biryani ( Festive food of India)…and can have them anywhere, anytime of the day.

Have an incurable wanderlust, that if traveling was free you would never see me again!

Love dogs.Period!

Live by the belief that kindness is the biggest gift one can offer another being.

Coffee is a hug in a mug” kinda girl who measures life with coffee and friends!

I am much nicer when I like my outfit and strongly believe that a smile is the prettiest accessory you can wear!

Did I say, nature walks is my kinda meditation?

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” ~ Brené Brown

Say Hello, if you feel the vibe and we can connect.

If not, here’s wishing you the best on your journey, while I continue on mine.

About the blog : https://stirringmyspicysoul.com

We blog for a million different reasons, but at the end we are all storytellers !

“Writers are the custodians of memory, and that’s what you must become if you want to leave some kind of record of your life”
~ William Zinsser

Just like the name of the blog,’Stirring My Spicy Soul’, you will find sprinkled amidst delicious spicy recipes, influenced by my Indian roots, stories of laughter and tears and fond memories shared around the kitchen table.

What’s your love language? Well, food is definitely one of mine!

A few travel stories and life hacks thrown in now and then.

Who will our blog topics/content help?

Young Moms

  • Who want to learn how to cook
  • Who are looking for quick and simple recipes to start with, before experimenting with bigger complex recipes
  • Who value fresh produce and want to make the best of the seasonal produce they bring home
  • Who are curious and want to learn about new kitchen gadgets, technics and products

Empty Nesters

  • Who are looking for simple recipes for entertaining
  • Who are looking to use their favorite brands in clever ways but with relatively familiar flavors

Single Moms

  • Who want to make dinner nutritious and cost effective, while juggling a full time job/career and school schedules
  • Who want quick and easy recipes, and have time-constraints because of multi tasking


  • Who have an “I want to do” attitude in every phase of their cooking journey
  • Who need help with deciding what to cook
  • Who need to learn how to prepare it
  • Who actually want to cook and bake

Asian-American families

  • Who are challenged with finding Asian ingredients in Western grocery stores, and are looking for recipes that they can adapt with available ingredients
  • Who are interested in sharing their food and culture with their friends in the Western world and discussing the health benefits of the ingredients used

Last but not the least,

The curious onlooker

  • Who is interested in Indian cuisine, but is intimidated by the thought of cooking it at home, because of their lack of understanding of how each spice works in a dish
  • Who loves Indian food and wants to learn how to cook Indian food at home, instead of spending thrice as much in restaurants.One who also understands the healthy benefits in the ingredients used.
  • Who is confused with the vast array of spices used in Indian cooking and the flavor they impart on a dish. One who wants to learn the sequence of using the spices in a dish and the different cooking techniques involved in Indian cooking.
  • Who is curious to know what goes into the complex spice mixes, used in Indian cooking

If you, the reader fall into any of these ‘audience types’, you are in the right place.

What do we offer through our blog?

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to cook a recipe from scratch.
  • A complete list of essential spices used in Indian cooking and their health benefits
  • Our monthly seasonal produce list to help you make smart choices with eating healthy, ease of grocery shopping and budgeting wise.
  • How to choose, store and prepare the seasonal produce you bring home
  • How to meal plan ahead and relieve yourself of unwanted stress and time constraints
  • Quick and easy recipes for beginners and challenging ones for the more adventurous ones.
  • Share useful tips on smart gadgets to use in the kitchen, technics and products
  • Helpful tips on clever ways to use favorite brands
  • Making simple, easy and quick recipes that are both nutritious and cost effective by smart meal planning
  • Using available ingredients to adapt and create new fusion dishes, so the flavor is not lost in the creation of a new dish
  • Clear and precise knowledge about the spice mixes used in Indian cooking and how you can make them in your own kitchen

Though our primary focus is on Food recipes, we will also share in our blogpost lifestyle hacks and topics that will help organize and plan your life around more productive days.

We are all for fun and festivities, so you will hear a lot about the influence of culture and heritage, which plays an integral part in our food habits.

Are you ready, for unravelling all this and more?

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