A rainy weekend….

It has been raining all weekend, one had two options…either to stay indoors and sulk at the rain or pull on your rain boots and jump in the puddles. I chose the latter, sulking never looked or felt good, so walk along with me on the river’s edge where nature beckons in all her glory !

The river was flooded, the water gushed past, I stood on the wooden bridge soaking it all in, then I smiled as I looked down on little innocent carvings on the bridge, little hearts, names linked, hope that stood amidst rain or shine….haven’t we crossed that bridge, at one stage in our lives? The innocence and the beauty of youth, towered over the water, under the bridge. Rain fell pitter patter cleansing every memory, reminding of  beautiful tomorrows !


There is something  beautiful about a river, a poet in my childhood, described it as a woman with her curves and raptures, flowing with a passion no bank can contain yet gracefully meanders through all paths gentle yet unstoppable. How beautiful, I thought, A familiar song from a Tamil (South Indian language) movie hummed through my mind.


Here is the song from the movie for those of you who understand the language to cherish the words, an oldie but a golden one for sure ! Each time I listen to this one song, I sigh, there is only so many words in the English language to translate the song in English, some songs have be savored for the depth of the meaning in the language it is written in….

From the  Tamil movie, Rhythm, here goes……

With the song still playing in my head, I walked along the river, a few raindrops fell on my head, looking up what do I see but a green umbrella of leaves, I could soak in that lovely sight for hours, it was so beautiful !


Strangely, I wasn’t the only one clicking pictures of the lush green after the rains, there were high schools students from a photography club doing the same along the banks. How fun, I thought, shared notes with some, greeted some, it felt beautiful to be surrounded by the enthusiasm of the youth, any day. My rainy day was really beginning to look up !


Trying my hand at a closer shot on the rain drops filling the leaves of the plant, this is what I got….. enjoying photography for the emotions it stirs, purely this morning !


Walking along the path, I reflected on what a beautiful day it turned out to be….


So glad I stepped out to get soaked as I then sat down in astonishment savoring  all that the rainy day had brought to my heightened senses. Get out there and enjoy, what life has to offer, you never know what you will find !

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