A foggy morning…

It was one of those magical mornings that unfolds like pictures from a postcard, the fog was thick and lay low.  It would be a shame” to not stop and smell the roses” I thought as I drove through the streets .IMG_1930

The buildings were hardly visible, like the moors of a page from a Jane Eyre novel , the fog lay thick it almost felt like looking through lacework….


The lake that lay beyond the tree lined pathway had a mystical air about it…..IMG_1925 2

It is almost the end of summer, the leaves have started to change colors already, indicating that Fall was close behind.IMG_1940 2

Stopped my car by the lake to take in the beauty of the peaceful morning. The landscape was slowing changing, the reflection clearly evident in the waters.


The fog rolled gently over the lake, the pier stood still in the morning quiet…

IMG_1946 3

Our pet stepped out of the car and stood in a meditative stance, taking in the beauty of the morning, I would say it had the same effect on man and animal too, something ethereal about it.IMG_1952 2

The wild flowers that grew along the bank made the lake look more enchanting. Who put them there? The creator certainly knows his colors well, me thought.


A few ducks swam gently past, the ripples they created, the only sound in an otherwise still waters.IMG_1982

Drove back home with my heart full, for taking the path less travelled, you never know what treasures you will find, if only you stop a while “to smell the roses”.IMG_1936 2


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