A few of my Friday favorites…..

The snow was coming down heavy as  I drove my child to school , this morning,the windshield wiper was moving frantically,no sign of sunlight,my moods fluctuated with the gloominess of Winter, I told myself I WILL find  Spring in the day , if I have to, today, I cannot take this cabin fever any longer !

So at lunch hour, I made a date with myself to go  out window shopping (instant soul therapy !)  &  come back rejuvenated and that’s  what I did! Look what I found……..sharing a few of  my Friday favorites, here with you all, take as you may !

I knew I was in the right store, when  I first spotted this on entering, talk about teleporting instantly to a land filled with greenery, birds & flowers, that’s what happened when I read this….


True enough, when I stepped out the store, the sun was shining brightly, the snow had begun to melt, talk about  affirming to your soul,miracles abound ! .

Meanwhile, I was thinking, I only took a minute to rest on these beautiful Spring inspired porch pillows….


…sometimes life surprises you and catches you unawares ….and then, when it is pleasant you welcome it with open arms.

A little stroll further into the store,brings me to this beautiful painting that made my heart grow wings, …..


……whoever painted this must certainly know what’s in my heart, I thought, how else can they paint flowers on coffee cups & set a happy bird on top of it, with a paint brush or two, sticking out of a few and  color pencils with words to match. Just perfect !

Now tell me, which bird would not nest in such a cozy home like this one? Spring is definitely coming soon.All signs of it is, in the air…gentle messages floating by.              Little birdie where are thou?



When the birds are here, the eggs can’t be far off. With Spring comes Easter ! I stood gazing at those pastel colored  Easter eggs, delicately painted to fill some little girl’s basket with joy ,on her Easter hunt……Oh, how I loved them, the multi colored eggs,…..


…yet, like they say, don’t put them all into one basket !


Just like they gladdened my heart, they might gladden a passer-by,who might spot them too, yes, someone out there might need the inspiration I needed today, so put them out on colorful wreaths on your doorway….


……coz’ after all the heart rejoices in little things and is reborn again !





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  1. I loved your Favourite Friday Things Maya, and the pictures so lovely too. I finished reading it quite definitely feeling lighter and definitely Springy-fied, too! 🙂

    Thank you Maya, you are a joy! ​♡

    • Thank you, Karen for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts.Glad to hear it had the same effect on as it did me,something delightful to distract you from the bitter cold & hope for the Spring that possibly is tiptoeing in slowly 🙂 So appreciate your kind words.Thank you .

  2. I LOVED your Friday favorite things, Maya! They lifted my spirit in the midst of the brutal cold here. Your post helped me “feel” like Spring is almost here. <3

    • Thank you, Marielena, that was exactly what it was meant to do , to focus our attention on the Spring that’s almost here, glad it did the same to you.Thank you, for stopping by,
      my blog & sharing your kind words, so appreciate it .