A DIY project for a cold winter evening

It’s been snowing again, sooo want to step out & take a walk, it’s too cold to do any of that, I look around , my eyes fall on the little green plant, I have set on a side table, the only few green indoor plants I see.Sitting comfortably in a flat flower pot which I picked up in a yard sale this summer, the plant seems to be oblivious of the snow outside, spreading its leaves wide & around.To say that I disliked the  flower pot is an understatement, who would paint a flower pot with ugly polka dots, I thought, yet I loved the shape of the pot, flat at its base giving the roots enough space to spread.Suddenly, a thought stuck me, why not paint the pot in a color I like, coz’ either way my hands craved to get some kind of craft going to forget the snow outside, perhaps a little paint job won’t hurt…..


…..so I got down to work, paint & foam brush in hand , I sat down to paint the pot which had the plant in it.The wind was howling outside, my wind chimes had a rhythm of their own in the cold wind, nothing else stirred outside, the bird’s egg blue took over my world…..

IMG_8816 (1)

One stroke, two stroke…on and on I went….. the foam brush did not seem to do it justice, so midway I switched to an artist’s paint brush (small one )…..


…..and it slowly started coming together.I hummed a tune as I continued with the paint, in a way, it was like  an open eyed  meditation for me, calming & relaxing….

IMG_8818 (1)

…..and before I knew it, there was this finished product so beautiful and shiny with no traces of the polka dots whatsoever. A quiet evening, well spent I thought as I placed the flower pot gently on a table to dry overnight,my heart filled with pride on a job well done. How little it takes, yet how much joy it brings to us, to see that at the end all the effort turned out good, after all. Enjoy what you do, take  unplanned little trips with your mind  and see  which way it  goes, you’d be surprised to find that all roads lead home, coz  “Home is where your heart is !”

IMG_8820 (1)

The green & the blue with a little earth  thrown in for good measure, speaks so loud & clear from my table top now 🙂

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