Habit tracker Ideas

E- Book : 25 Habit Tracker Ideas for your Bullet Journal

There are so many great reasons why people use a bullet journal. It is a a great tool for organizing one’s life, managing our time, by becoming more productive. What’s more it can also inspire our creativity.  

But, one of the best reasons for using a bullet journal, is that it will help us live intentionally.

Reaching our goals that we set in the beginning of each year becomes easy when we live intentionally and make it a habit.

Habit builds character!

Some of the most popular categories that people set their New Year’s Resolutions falls into the following five categories, namely :

  3. TIME
  5. LOVE

Are you ready to start your Habit Tracker?

If you are struggling with habit tracker ideas to incorporate in your bullet journal, my E-Book : The 25 Habit Tracker Ideas For Your Bullet Journal, will walk you through setting that up easily.

Click the image below to get it now!

E-Book : 25 Habit Tracker Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

Here is a helpful list you can use, to get started. Pick the ones you resonate with & track your progress.

Habits build character.

Choose yours wisely!

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