Carrot Paniyaram with Tomato Onion Chutney

It’s been a downpour this weekend, all day rains, dull & gloomy weather. It’s  that time  of the year for the home fire’s to be burning creating all that spicy “beat the cold” kinda yummy food, be it breakfast, evening snacks or the in-between, each one is a well thought of innovation and a labor of love.

Every once in a while that mom guilt hits you big time, am I giving my child a well balanced diet ? Most of the days we are in a rush to school and work grabbing whatever is there for breakfast, munching it on our way, on the weekends there is a need within to celebrate the food on our plates with gratitude & joy, for the leisure we have in tasting each morsel of grain with no rush to go anywhere. Thus was born this morning’s Carrot Paniyaram, in an attempt to add vegetables into the food in every which way possible, hoping to achieve the balance in the balanced diet .

Paniyaram is a staple breakfast in most South Indian homes where I grew up, it is made from left over idli batter which has a tinge of sourness to it making the Paniyarams nice & crispy on the outside while soft on the inside when cooked in the pan specially made for it. The rains were forgotten once the delicious taste of these Carrot Paniyarams starting settling into your taste buds. Give it a try !

Ingredients :

Idli Batter – 1 bowl

Baby carrots (10-12) – blended to a fine paste

Onion- 1 (big) sliced fine

Bell Pepper ( Green)- 1 sliced fine

For seasoning :

Oil – 2tbsp

Mustard- 1 tsp

Urad + Channa Dhal – 1 tsp

Green Chilies – 5-6


  1. In a bowl containing the Idli batter add the blended carrot paste and mix it well so the batter turns a uniform orange all over.


IMG_3217 2

2. To this now add the seasoned mix of urad, channa dhal, mustard and green chilies and mix it well.


3. Now add the finely sliced onion and bell peppers to the same batter and mix them all together well, so it forms a nice easy batter to be poured into the moulds in the Paniyaram pan.

IMG_3219 3



Pour the batter into the moulds after spraying some cooking oil into them, when cooked on one side gently turn over and cook the other side. Serve hot.

It can be eaten as such , as an evening snack….


…or dipped in chutney as a breakfast item. Here I served it with Tomato Onion chutney just to make it a spicy treat for a cold cold rainy Sunday morning. Enjoy!


Note : Sorry about the lighting, the heavy cloud cover provided only so much of natural light for me to click the pictures in 🙂





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