Celebrating the green . Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

Shamrock Chips/ Flat Bread

The first time, I heard about St.Patty’s Day was when my kid came back from kindergarten one day & when asked how was school, replied,”Oh, we had fun trying to catch Leprechauns”…having never heard of them before, I thought it was some kind of a gecko/garden lizard & was wondering which teacher in her right mind would send them to catch these geckos.The story got even more interesting when he continued on how they colored everything green in their class, that was when I actually learnt about a day like this, since then have made it a tradition to learn about it each year.
“St. Patrick was born in the fourth century in Britain and as a teenager was kidnapped and brought to Ireland. He was later released but returned to Ireland as a missionary to tell the pagan nation about God. It is said that…

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