Are you waiting for Spring to arrive ?

Am not sure about you, but me, I am so ready for Spring. Can’t complain much about Winter this year, at least so far it has been manageable, with a few snow days here & there…..yet my heart aches to hear the birds chirp and see the fresh bright blooms all over the place.IMG_3521.jpg

Can’t wait to get my hands in the soil again, get those herbs  and veggies growing in my  little containers….


…… and let the flowers grow all over the place. They gladden every heart that walks past, sharing the joy seems  fun when you have vibrant happy colors around.


There is still  a lot of Winter left, yet I can’t stop dreaming of flowers, and the joy they bring, so here I go sharing some of mine, to lift your mood up on what seems to be a dreary cold winter day here for us.

Say it with flowers !

Purple Power…..


She’s all dressed in frills, to go partying…img_5508


The solitary reapers….img_5501


Ravishing beauty !img_3316

The more the merrier….img_4300_2


C’mon Spring, we have given every indication that we need you here soon, fly to us please…..


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