Fine Art Fair

Each year the local Fine Art fair happens around this time, just before Fall sets in. This afternoon the weather was beautiful, almost felt like the middle of summer, everyone and their pet was walking  in the  Fine Art Fair.


A wide variety of high caliber art and craft items are displayed along the picturesque Riverwalk.It’s a joy to visit if you are a lover of arts and crafts, like I am, there are so many talented artisans exhibiting their brilliant art for the public, always always a treat to the eyes and soul.

The thing that amazes me most each year is the various mediums out there that these artists use in creating these art forms, a lot of talent and thought goes into their work, sharing some of my favorites here, for you  all to see and enjoy, take as you may 🙂

The one thing that has amazed me ever since I saw it for the first time is the gourd art, the amount of patience that goes into drying the gourd in barns over a year after de-pulping the insides and then creating master pieces like these are just too beautiful to comprehend!



Nest baskets are another thing that caught my attention, the beautiful blend of colors in creating these nest baskets showed the artists passion for creating amazing art forms, using different medias.





This was an exhibit, I heard the artist say loudly to someone, as I walked past her stall, “The Irish in me can’t stop doing these !”





The softness of blending colors with a paint brush where one color merged into another so beautifully , it was difficult to tell, where one started and the other ended.










Leaf  Art : the colors and the hue of the falling leaves this season…




If you love creating beautiful pieces of art with your own hands , be it a painting or a small craft , then this Art fair is certainly for you 🙂 Enjoy!

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  1. Karen says:

    Lovely ‘to have been there with you Maya’ and feasting my eyes on so many of the beautiful photographs. If I lived where you do I wouldn’t miss this Art and Crafts fair for anything ….maybe we could meet up there and then go for a coffee! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Karen would certainly have loved that, coffee & Art Fair with good friends always fun. Enjoy the beautiful pieces of art, meant to reach far &wide, these dedicated artists put their heart & soul into creating these masterpieces .Thank you, for stopping by & taking time to read my blog post & share your thoughts , mean so much to me 🙂


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