Rainy Days

“Some people feel the rain, other’s just get wet ” ~ Bob Marley

It had rained hard last evening, a puddle formed near my patio , from the roof drain, how beautiful I thought that it could hold the entire sky ! Joy rippled through,something about the rain, it has not changed since childhood…..


Heading out in the morning,  stopping at the traffic light, I smiled……there was a kind of magic about the  rain washed sidewalk, it fills your soul…. the tires swishing past on the road, while the blades of grass danced ,the rows of trees dripping rain drops on passers by….the freshness of it all.


The tulips that were dancing in the sun yesterday looked a little drunk this morning…


I pulled over by the side of the road to take it all in…the sheer beauty of a rain soaked morning…




It was then that I saw the Canadian goose taking her morning walk completely unperturbed by the walkers by, loved her elegance and grace ….



The simple joys of Nature and how it can completely fill us with happiness !


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  1. Marielena says:

    Beautiful photos and lovely thoughts on a rain-soaked morning, Maya!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Marielena for your kind words, took myself out for a walk to soak in all the beauty a rain washed morning offered, came back with joy overflowing, like they say ,”Nature has all the answers !” So appreciate you stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts .


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