World Idli Day

    If you have ever watched the Oprah show, you know that Oprah when she interviews her guests, one of her favorite questions she always asks her guest is “What do you know for sure ? “Well, if she has asked me that question,my absolute answer would have always been, “I KNOW that one day, Idli will take the world by storm! ”

While Oprah show might still be in the making 😀 😀  the humble Idli has made it’s mark in the world ! Each time, I walk around the malls here and stop at a food court & look at the crowds lining up at McDonalds or a Pizza place, in my mind the question that always arises is, “Will they EVER know what they are missing in life ? If only they taste our Idli Sambar, then they will not look at another fast food place again!”. 

   The ever versatile Idli, is that comfort food packed with warmth and love,to grace your taste buds for time immemorial……you’d know it if you are a South Indian ! There is not a single day, that has passed that I have walked past these fast food joints & dreamt of the friendly lil’ boys who ushered in the guests standing at the doorway of my hometown’s famous restaurant,”Annapoorna Gowrishankar”calling out, to every passerby, “Akka,Anna, Thambi,Ayya, Amma vanga sapputu polam” which when translated from the South Indian language of Tamil, literally means ” Sister, Brother,Gentleman & Lady, please come in and taste our delicious food”….perhaps , it’s the affection with which it was packed in,or the loving way it was served in each restaurant & home, Idli will always remain my most favorite food of all & if you have grown up in South India, you probably are nodding your head in agreement.From an infant, to a toddler, teenager, youth,adult and an edentulous senior, everyone’s favorite food is idli. It is soft, simple & tasty.What is there in an Idli, you might ask, a batter that gets better and better each day, made of rice and black lentils, fermented overnight & steam cooked…the healthiest food of all ! To know that it is recognized world wide now & today is the official World Idli Day, makes me feel so happy & proud .Yes, “We will, we WILL , ROCK It !!!”

One can prepare Idli’s or rice dumplings in so many different ways, here are some recipes of mine, I have shared on my blog, in the past……

Picture 1: Idli


Picture 2: Idli Podi /Idli Upma


Picture 3: Cocktail Idli’s representing the colors in the Indian Flag celebrating Independence day of my motherland.…/01/colorful-cocktail-idlis/


Enjoy your idli’s!

Happy World Idli Day

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