#Amazing Grace



A few weeks ago when I walked into a store, saw a sign which read 40 days until Christmas, the countdown has started I thought to myself and went ahead with my routine.Last evening, driving through traffic which was returning from the Black Friday sale or heading to one, I was stuck in a traffic jam trying to get across to the left most lane to turn towards my home, but the cars were so jam packed, I wondered if I had to drive ahead on the lane I was in and miss the left turn completely, coz I could not see how I could make the turn in that crazy moving traffic.Then the red lights came on and the traffic slowed to a stop, it was raining, almost dark, as cold as can be ….. I gently turned around to look at the driver of the neighboring car.Suddenly, yet like in a miracle she nodded to me, checked her rear view mirror & reversed in that traffic just to let me squeeze thru to the left lane,the next 2 lanes did the same, with perfect strangers, I squeezed thru each one of them to make it to the left most lane, to turn towards home, just in time before the lights changed.Sighing relief I looked across my shoulder wondering how I made it, with bumper to bumper traffic ? Believe it or not, each one who had let me pass waved to me as they drove past.There was a holiday spirit in the air, a kindness so rare……………………. ……… an Amazing Grace to be precise!! Why not pay it forward and touch as many lives as we can, surely there is so much GOOD in the world still left, if only we take the time to look into each other! Like Max Ehrmann writes in his poem,Desiderata,
“With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.”
Each day amidst the daily struggles of life which each one of us face in one form or another,I have decided to look for Amazing Grace in each moment…. shared my first such moment in this holiday season, feel free to share yours, if you are called to do so, with a “#AmazingGrace”tag…….let’s see how much of goodwill we can spread among each other, by recognizing and acknowledging such moments, after all it is the season of joy, of giving and sharing.Let’s touch one life at a time and begin the wave of kindness ❤

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  1. Marielena says:

    This is incredibly beautiful, dear Maya! “I have decided to look for Amazing Grace in each moment ….” And how lovely to want to spread that grace everywhere which I believe we are all called to do. For me, it was very early this morning, as I was driving to my parents’ home, the sun rose like a round, glowing red jewel on the distant horizon, across a wide field. The bare branches of naked trees were silhouetted against the sun in the distance…. it was the gift of another day rising in majesty. This was my moment of Amazing Grace. Thank you, my friend, for allowing me to share! #AmazingGrace

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    1. How beautiful, Marilena.Thank you for sharing your moment with me here, it’s in those unguarded moments Grace tiptoes in and tugs at our heartstrings forever.Have a glorious weekend, my friend 🙂


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