A morning walk along the snow covered river side

It had been snowing all weekend,so finally when the Sun came out this morning,stepped out to see this amazing sunrise, the clouds resembled the waves in the beach, the Creator was designing a spectacular Daybreak,that much was evident…..


Heading towards the river,to enjoy the calm & peace only a nature walk can bring, I’m surrounded by trees on either side,their golden leaves are gone, yet their roots so strong…..

Nature walk


The Fall leaves are soft, their crispiness lost with the arriving of the snow,yet everything happens in it’s own pace in Nature, nothing forgotten, everything completed….yet Nature does not seem to hurry,  a lesson for us to reflect on….

Moist snow covered Fall leaves


Walking along the river, I’m lost in thoughts… the air is crispy this morning, a few of them walk their dogs nodding in acknowledgement not wanting to disturb each other’s peace, perhaps why I love this walk so much…they let you be….

Along the river
The gentle river flows touching trees and lives alike with its rhythm
Sometimes gushing, sometimes slow, yet she flows steadily…

Watching her gently curve through tree branches and rocks alike, Bruce Lee’s quote comes to mind,”

Bruce Lee’s Quote

At times, I get to glance at majestic sights like this one, where I catch the early morning sunlight playing on the water as it gently flowed making it’s own music…

Sunlight playing on the waters

At times it reflected everything from the sky, “As above, so below” kind of way !

As above so below

There is  beauty and charm, when it snows, it suddenly changes the face of the earth….

An old rustic charm abides on this snow covered roof with a chimney


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….what is a holiday without a little snow ?  🙂

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