Apple Picking

Apple  Picking was something we had on our  bucket list for “Things To Do in  the Fall season”, it was something we looked forward to all of summer. The joy of driving to the country side on a weekend  with miles and miles of golden corn fields stretching before us on either side of the road,seemed like something from a movie scene.


We drove slowly through the scenic landscape, enjoying the beautiful sunlight playing on the ripe corn fields, golden light filled the air with it’s sheer beauty.


Enjoying the cornfields on either side of the road, the peace and quiet of the country side, with chirping birds to break the silence once in a while, we drove in awe, until we reached the Apple Orchard.

Needless to say the orchard had miles and miles of apple trees lined up ready for picking, of all shapes, sizes and flavors…..









Driving towards the parking lot,


suddenly  the air seemed to be  filled with laughter and happy sounds of people and children .The children could be spotted running around happily among the rows and rows of apple trees lining the farm, while the grown up’s had a few moments of hands free experience.


We bought our tickets to take a wagon ride to the center of the orchard ,



Our friendly guide gave us an intro to the different varieties that they had in the orchard and explaining to us how each one’s taste differs from the other & could be used in making pies or cakes depending on their tartness or sweetness….


…… and then we were let loose to do our own apple picking in the vast orchard….



that contained almost 63 varieties of apples.




Can’t really say who was more excited , the grown up’s or the children, there is a kind of gay abandon…..


…when let out in the open with a basket to fill with apples to the brim.


When the apple picking was done, with all the fun in the orchard under way, we headed to the barn where we could  smell the delicious apple cider and the  baking of the yummy pies coming from, not to mention the  caramel apples and the fudge treats we got to taste.





A day full of fun with apple picking and tasting the apple cider and the pies, we returned home happy, to check off one more item from our “Things to Do in Fall ” list. Till the next season rolls in, cherish the memories, coz life really is made up of all these little things which makes  the big things later on.

P.S: The Apple picking post was long overdue, it had been sitting in my draft for about a month now,decided it was time to post it before the Winter rolls in.Sharing the joy, hope you all enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed putting it together.Thank you.


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  1. Marielena says:

    Oh, I truly enjoyed this post, Maya! I felt as if I was on this apple-picking adventure with you. And I never knew there were so many types of apples. And as to all those apple goodies, yum! I wanted to jump through the page to taste some of them. How wonderful you are enjoying these “little” things in life that truly are big in so many beautiful ways!


    1. Thank you, Marielena for taking the time to read my post, it truly was an enjoyable experience & if given a chance will do it again.Yes, I had no idea there ere that many apple varieties either, best part is we get to taste them too, & decide on which one we want to take home…isn’t that fun 🙂 So appreciate your kind comments, Marielena.


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