Do you love being greeted at the door each day by something beautiful and bright ? Well, I do, it just sets the mood for the day 🙂 Each day I had gone for a walk in my neighborhood, when I first moved to this country, I was often greeted by cheerful wreaths on the doorways of my neighbors who became friends later on. In Lillian Too’s Feng Shui books she often writes, “a happy doorway invites happy energy”, needless to say why we are attracted to lovely gardens or a happy looking curb side, your eyes are simply drawn to that happiness so evident there, so is it, with happy cheerful wreaths on the doorways for me.

One day I got to talk to my neighbor friend, telling her how much I admired her colorful & cheerful wreaths she put on her door each season inviting the season indoor. She then, told me how she enjoys doing them herself as a DIY project before every season, she tweaks them as she desires adding in elements of the season from nature, her imagination & the like. How fun , I thought to be able to create what’s in your heart, in such colorful rendition.A lover of arts & creative work, I have never really ventured into making a craft of my own, though had deep respect & admiration for those who did it.This Fall I decided, I’m going to make good use of a few days during Labor day break time, to come up with a Fall wreath of my own, needless to say I searched high & low on Pinterest where all creative souls seem to meet.When I spotted one, I JUST KNEW IT , this is the ONE, I have been wanting to do, as my first Fall project this season & what’s more the craft materials, most of them I had it at home, so I got down to business on the Labor Day weekend & here it is,my beautiful Fall Burlap & Flower Wreath for the season about to begin in two weeks.I stood back & loved what I saw, there is no joy like creating your own , because it not only has bright colors, it has your heart & soul in it.

Here is my  first Fall Craft,the making of which I’d like to share it with you all, take as you may. To begin with I had a few of the craft materials handy, like the burlap & the fake flowers  I had bought a few years ago, some Fall ribbons I had used in some decorations earlier etc, all I had to buy was the straw wreath & the greening pins to fix the burlap & flowers in. So, I made sure I got all the materials together on the carpet before, I started with the project, it took me about 25- 30 minutes from start to finish & perhaps will give me joy , the whole season 🙂 Ah! how little it takes to be happy 🙂

Craft materials required:

  • Straw Wreath
  • Roll of Burlap
  • Fake flowers
  • Fall Ribbon
  • Greening Pins

Steps involved in the making of the Fall wreath:

  1. First thing to begin with, is to cover the straw wreath with burlap, using greenery pins to keep it in place.
    Covering the straw wreath with burlap
    Covering the straw wreath with burlap

    2.Next take the fake flowers of their stems if they are attached to the stems, place a greenery pins through the center of each flower, through the hole where the stem once fit.

    Stick one greenery pin through the flower hole
    Stick one greenery pin through the flower hole

    This helps in attaching the flower easily to the wreath instead of using hot glue.Choose the colors you like & display them as you desire, playing with Fall colors, all over the wreath.

    Fitting the flowers in the wreath
    Fitting the flowers in the wreath

    3. Next comes the long stream of burlap, there is no need to cut it, you can twist & bunch them as you desire & then pin them ever so often all along the rest of the wreath.Step back each time & look at your work & adjust accordingly.Once that is done, make a huge bow of  the Fall ribbon & place it at the end of the burlap.Now it’s ready to go. Hang it on your front door & usher in the season of colors 🙂

    Fall Burlap & Flower Wreath
    Fall Burlap & Flower Wreath

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