It could mean the world to her…..


The “Minions” movie has come to town,took my kid for the movie, which he has been waiting, for a while now.Beside me sat a lady with 3 kids, ranging from 3-6 & then one small one who she held perhaps a 2 year old.The lights went off, popcorn in place, switched off mobile, now all we had to do was sit back & relax & enjoy the movie.The movie started, the theater was filled with children, parents & grandparents with children,it echoed with laughter every single minute…it was beginning to feel like summer smile emoticon Our little friend, held on to something in her hand all the while, while she sat quietly on her mom’s lap, Mom was busy dividing the candies amidst the kids, I smiled a knowing smile at her & everything was going well…..then the penny dropped or so to speak, the little one dropped what she held,on to the floor & the roof came down, she wouldn’t stop crying , Mom tried to calm her, but to no avail, some shifted politely in their seats while giving a tough stare at the Mom, almost hinting, ‘time to take the crying kid out “….Mom could not leave the other kids by themselves, so she sat holding the crying one in her lap, she was using the light from her phone to search for the “thing” that fell to the floor & had mysteriously disappeared under the front seats, I could say she was doing her best.
Since I was not particularly focussed on the Minions , I said, I will help her in her search, so we both sat together on the floor flashing the light, to find the “missing thing” ( me still not clear about what I am searching for, while the kid kept howling above our heads.For the bargain, I got some tough stares too, coz some of them did not understand if the kid was mine or hers, while mine, ate the popcorn & was enjoying his Minions smile emoticon Finally, the mom stretched out under the front seat & found what we both were trying to find , ” a little teddy bear”….suddenly the bawling stopped instantly, this little one picks up a small blanket from her Mom’s bag & wraps her”teddy” in that & says “Are you hurt? ” Everyday miracles !

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear

Some times the “off screen” is better than the “on screen”, definitely for me, today! The mom hugged me at the end of the movie & thanked me for “helping her grope in the dark”…we both had a hearty laugh & went our ways.The movie was good after all  😉

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  1. Marielena says:

    I love this story, Maya, because it shows what is really important in life. I was so touched when the child, with your help, found her teddy and asked it, “Are you hurt?” How sweet! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us. Yes, everyday miracles!


  2. Thank you, Marielena…… just seeing that child’s innocence & trust was something I would always cherish, especially when she stretched her hands to give me a half bitten popcorn with love after her teddy was found 🙂


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