Deepavali Doodh Peda / Milk fudge

“Deepavali” simply means a row of lights ( “Deepa”- light/lamp, “vali”- a row/line).The festival of lights starts today in my mother land,memories of childhood come flooding by.Days before the festival, the preparations would start for making savories and sweets.I remember sitting beside the “festival cooks” as they were called then, who came home to make boxes of delicious sweets during festival times .The sweet aroma that arose in the kitchen then, has memories too deep to pen for generations to come.When the festival day arrived,early morning involved the traditional oil bath followed by wearing your best silk,adorn with jewels and visit friends & neighbors distributing sweets & greetings.Along with the smoke from the fire crackers we burst during this time, the air was filled with happiness & cheer.One always carries the good memories to revisit & cherish during poignant times like the festival of lights,so here I was trying to recreate the magic of that beautiful tradition in my heart & home.”Deepavali” is a festival , where you chase the darkness away by bringing in the light and so it is.
There are times I wish, I had a magic wand so I can bring that sweet old “festival cook” back to my kitchen & ask him to recreate all the great sweets which formed a big part of my childhood memories….wishful thinking indeed!! So here I am,creating a quick & easy sweet equally savory to share with near & dear ones on this festival of lights.
“Doodh Peda” or Indian Milk Fudge, is another favorite sweet of mine.Growing up in India, we did not eat cookies & candies like the children here do, those sweets were based on milk mostly.This is one such sweet,I made using milk powder & condensed sweet milk & was done in less than 15 minutes from start to finish.
“Deepavali” is a time to share your sweets(ness) and celebrate the light in YOU with the rest of the world.So may this Deepavali bring great joy & peace into your home & mine.Enjoy.

Milk powder- 1 3/4 cup
Sweetened Condensed milk- 1 tin(14 oz)
Butter- 2 tbsp
Cardamom powder- a pinch or two for flavor
Saffron- a pinch soaked in 2 tsp of warm milk
Dry nuts of your choice( cashew, pistachios etc) to decorate the top.

Doodh Peda
Doodh Peda

1.In a deep microwave bowl, warm the butter for 30- 40 seconds.
2.To this add the milk powder & condensed milk & mix it thoroughly to form a uniform mix.
3.Place it back in the microwave for a minute or two.
4. Take it out, mix well again , clearing it from the sides of the bowl, now add the saffron soaked milk & the cardamom powder to this & microwave it for another minute.
5.Remove & set aside , wait for it to cool down, so its easy to roll into the desired shape( either as balls or flat round discs) after greasing your hands with a little ghee.
6.Place it on a plate & top with a dry nut of your choice.
7.Can be preserved for a week in the refrigerator or savored immediately.
8.Light the lamps & savor the sweets .

Note: For those you, who have a sweet tooth, adding a little sugar might sweeten it further, I skipped the step since it was sweet enough for me smile emoticon

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