Its FINALLY warm outside, summer is slowly tiptoeing into these parts of the globe.Here is a little treat for those of us seeking a refreshing summer breakfast to replace that warm hearty bowl of oatmeal which you drowned in all winter.Its the time to eat fresh fruits and why stick with the routine of eating them out of hand, instead whip a little magic in your kitchen, put on your cool summer dress, sunshades & summer hat & sip away the smoothie till the very last drop.
Smoothies are all over the place replacing coffee this summer,why not join the trend and get creative in seducing your taste buds this summer ? One can use any fruit of choice with various combinations from healthy to creamy rich as one chooses to, I used Kiwi fruit which is rich in Vitamin C & K, for this smoothie to impart a touch of creamy deliciousness with surprising nutrient value.Here’s to beautiful days of summer…..

Kiwi fruit- 8 ( with skin peeled & fruit inside used)
Vanilla ice cream- 1/2 cup
Honey – 3 tsp
Ice cubes- as required

Kiwi Smoothie
Kiwi Smoothie

Whip all the ingredients together in a blender, pour them in a glass & enjoy a filling liquid breakfast .No better way to start a warm summer morning.Enjoy.

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