Its the weekend , bright sunny skies outside, birds chirping away,summer is fast approaching.There is a relaxed pace in the air, a sense of contentment the warm weather can bring.Its lovely to step out and enjoy the weather109b868afb3a26db58cc65931962d7d6                                               …….and come back for good home cooked meal, so my mind races to a quick fix menu.The best light bulb moments occur when you open the refrigerator each morning, I know for certain chicken is on the menu for the protein content ( we suddenly become food conscious when summer is almost here, coz’ we can’t hide under those loose woolen clothes no more 🙂

Avacado Fruit
Avacado Fruit

Somehow, the thought of Butter Chicken haunts my mind, until I see my neighbor stepping out for a swim in her sexy swim suit…. but surely there has to be some way, I can substitute that butter and still have my dream come true….yes “inventions” are born of necessity and here I was creating a guilt free,Avocado Chicken recipe to my hearts content.

Did, I hear avocados lower the cholesterol level, have the highest fiber content , rich in Vitamin C and E and folic acid, improves memory…Yes, yes and yes ( like I needed an excuse to just have the chicken going ), so thus was born this perfect blend of Indian spiced sauce in a creamy gravy of avocados.There surely are many different ways to eat avocados other  than in guacamole or green salad, if only one let’s one’s imagination run wild.

Avocado Chicken
Avocado Chicken


Chicken- 8-10 ( thigh pieces)
Onion- 1 big (finely sliced)
Tomato- 1 big (finely sliced)
Avocados- 2 ( pitted and blended into a fine paste after removing the skin)
Oil- 3 tbsp
Cloves- 3-4
Cinnamon- 1 ”
Chili powder- 1 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Salt- to taste
Ginger garlic paste – 2tsp

1.Heat oil in a wok , when warm add the cloves, cardamom and cinnamon till they splutter.
2.Now add the finely sliced onions & sauté them till light brown, then add the tomatoes & keep stirring till they turn soft.
3.Now add the turmeric powder, chili powder & stir a few minutes, before adding the cleaned and cut chicken pieces into it.
4.Stir for a few minutes without adding any water( since the chicken cooks in its own steam)
5.Add the ginger garlic paste & stir it into the mix, till the raw smell disappears.Add salt to taste.
6.Let the sauce cook on its own steam, now add the blended thick paste of avocados into it, which gives the gravy a creamy texture.Cook it for another 5 minutes until the raw smell disappears & there is a subtle aroma of avocados blending with Indian spices.
7.Remove it from heat & serve with flat breads or rice.
8.Enjoy your meal guilt free while the avocados do their bit in your body to shape up those curves .

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