Summer is on its way & there is no season I wait for longingly than Summer to feel the sunlight seep in through the very core of my being & chase all the darkness away.In India,I took the sunlight for granted,up until I came here ,when even a little sunlight seemed to be something to cherish.Barbeques,great times & good friends are a thing of Summer here,what better way to imbibe the culture with a touch of Indian charm & throw in some bright colors with bell peppers & tomatoes (our penchant for bright happy colors is deep rooted,travelling across seven seas does not shake your core)…so bright barbeque it is……the best of both worlds,and offcourse the prawns have to have a touch of desi masala with the oh so flavorful Thyme,so here it is, a byproduct I tried for the first time in my life……Spicy Skewered prawns:).Rejoice in the sunshine,picking your favorite food off the skewer:)
Prawns- 20-30( medium size),its easier when its bigger.
Bamboo skewers-10-12
Bell peppers- 3,cubed( in different colors)
Cherry Tomatoes- 12-14
Olive oil- 1tsp
Ginger garlic paste- 1 tbsp
Lime juice-2-3 tsp
Chilli powder-2-3 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Salt- to taste.
Thyme- a few leaves minced fine

Skewered Spicy Prawns
Skewered Spicy Prawns

1.Soak the bamboo skewers in warm water for half an hour before threading the prawns in,just to avoid burning them while grilling.
2.Marinate cleaned & deveined prawns in a mix containing Olve oil, chilli powder, turmeric powder,lime jiuce,salt,thyme & ginger garlic paste for 2 hours.
3.Cut the bellpeppers of different colors in small cubes.
4.Now thread the cherry tomatoes,prawns, bell peppers in the pattern you prefer.I used 2 skewers while threading, since its easier to turn the skewer when its hot in the grill & prevents the prawn from rotating all over.
5.Grill it in the open or in the oven placing the skewers on a baking dish( to make cleaning the oven easy once its done) for 5-10 minutes turning the skewers every few minutes ensuring the prawns are cooked on either side.
6.Celebrate Summer with good food & friends.

Note: Alternatively, one could use pineapple chunks, mushrooms, onions, chicken pieces in the skewer with similar recipe.

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