Celery orginated from Mediterranean regions of Northern Africa,southern Europe and in areas east to the Himalayas.It was believed to have been used initially for its medicinal value(dating back to Homer’s Odyssey,the famous epic) gently finding its way as a much relished food these days.Most people use celery as raw food with various dips.It has various health benefits…..according to Hippocrates the Father of Medicine,it calms the nerves because of its high calcium content.It is a good diuretic & helps eliminate body waste through urine & hence kidney friendly.Its anti -inflammatory property is beneficial in arthritic patients and contains atleast 8 families of anti cancer compounds.It contains phthalides which relax muscles around arteries thus dilating them and aiding in lowering blood pressure when consumed as celery juice.It helps in lowering cholestrol & aids in weight loss and whats more contains zero calories!Considering all the health benfits it has,I decided to get a little adventurous in trying out cooking with celery in my Indo- Chinese fusion dish.Hope you enjoy the flavor as much as the taste.

Celery- 4-5 stalks finely cut
Bell pepper-2 ( I used Orange colored one here, could use any color to brighten your dish)
Oil- 2 tsp
Mustard seeds- 1 tsp
Onion- 1 medium( finely sliced)
Turmeric powder- a pinch
Chilli powder- 1-2 tsp(depending on spicy preference)
Soya sauce- 2 tsp
Tomato sauce – 3 tbsp
Salt- to taste.

Celery & Bell Pepper Fusion Dish
Celery & Bell Pepper Fusion Dish

1.Clean & cut both celery & bell pepper into thin fine pieces.Keep aside.
2.Finely slice the onion & put aside.
3.Now warm a little oil in the wok, then add mustard seeds to it,when they splutter add the onions & turmeric powder.Saute for a few minutes until Onions turn golden brown.
4.Now add the finely cut & washed Celery & bell pepper into the wok & stir it together for a few minutes.
5.Now add the chilli powder & salt to taste.
6.Next add the soya sauce & keep stirring for a few minutes,then add the tomato sauce & mix them all together.Cover with a lid & allow to cook in its own steam.(Do not overcook to avoid the celery from loosing its crunchiness)
7.Serve hot with noodles or rice.

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