Brussels Sprouts are believed to have orginated in Brussels,Belgium.They travelled all of Europe,then reached North America.Everytime I walked past the green aisle containing Brussels sprouts ,I was so tempted to buy & try them,though had no idea what they would taste like.Recently tasted a salad made of Brussels Sprouts,pecans& walnuts & decided to give this veggie a try.
Brussels sprouts supposedly has a lot of health benefits ,the main one being prevention of colon cancer,due to the sulphoraphane it contains.It also ids in DNA repair due to indole 3 carbinol present in it.
The bean sprouts apart from containing high levels of vitamins, proteins also provide fibre in the diet hence they are supposedly used for prevention of atherosclerosis,constipation etc.Morever their high iron content is valuable in preventing Anemia.
Hence decided to combine the two to creat a new stir fry dish which is crispy & crunchy.A summer treat indeed!


Brussels Sprouts-6-8
Bean sprouts- a handful
Onion- 1(medium)-finely sliced
Oil-2 tsp
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Mangalore masala powder-2-3 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Tomato sauce-3 tbsp
Salt- to taste

Brussel & Bean Sprout Stir Fry
Brussel & Bean Sprout Stir Fry

1.Wash & finely slice the Brussels sprouts.Keep aside.
2.Warm oil in a kadai & season with mustard seeds & curry leaves.
3.To this add finely sliced onion with turmeric powder & saute for a few minutes.
4.Now add the Mangalore masala powder/chilli powder & mix for a few minutes.To this add the tomato sauce & saute for a few minutes.
5.Then add the Brussels sprouts & stir for a few minutes,followed by the bean sprouts for a few minutes.This keeps them crispy & crunchy.
6.Now add the salt to taste& cover with the lid for a few minutes.The sprouts release water through which they will cook so there is no need to add additional water.
7.Serve hot with rotis or as a side dish along with rice.

Note: My first attempt with Brussels sprouts which are nothing but miniature cabbages with a sweet taste:)

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