Spicy Prawn Masala


To Marinate:

1.Prawns – 1 pound
2.Chilli powder-2 tbsp
3.Coriander powder-1 tbsp
4.Fenugreek powder-1/4 tsp
5.Fresh pepper corns-2 tsp(finely ground)
6.Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
7.Lemon juice- 2-3 tbsp
8.Salt- to taste

Other ingredients:

9.Onions- 2 (big)
10.Ginger garlic paste- 2tsp
11.Coconut- 3 tsp
12.Fennel seeds- 1 tsp(Coarsely ground)
13.Mustard seeds -1 tsp
14.Oil- 3-4 tbsp
15.Cilantro leaves- a few
16.Curry powder/leaves- few/pinch
17. 4 dried red chillies

Spicy Prawn Masala
Spicy Prawn Masala


1.Clean & devein the prawns.
2.Mix all the “to marinate” ingredients , along with the cleaned prawn & marinate in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
3.Heat oil in a thick bottomed vessel, add mustard seeds when they start to splutter, add dried red chillies, add a pinch of curry powder or a few curry leaves( whatever is available).
4.Now add finely sliced onions & saute it for a few minutes, then add the coconut & fry a little bit.
5.To the above add the marinated prawns & the ginger garlic paste.
6.There is no need to add extra water as the prawn itself releases water when it gets cooked.
7.Add the coarsely ground fennel seeds to the prawns & close the lid, allow it to cook for 15-20 minutes.
8.Now add the finely chopped coriander leaves,stir & serve hot.
9.This can be eaten with Chappatis or a side dish with dhal & rice.


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